About The Green School

The Green School is an in-house initiative to help decipher climate change and make sense of all the clamouring. Besides explaining some of the basic topics of climate change that people keep talking about, we have an interactive rain water harvesting game, a calculator to help estimate your carbon footprint, news from around the world and a lot more. We also have a special section called Facts from the Banyan Tree where we go back in time and our roots to learn that subjects like sustainability have always been part of our culture and heritage. In India, we have always lived in and with nature and some of our ancient traditions can go a long way creating a more balanced world.

We hope you find this educative and enjoyable.

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Get a snapshot of the impact of your daily lifestyle. Compare how much water is used to make a variety of products so that you can choose to reduce your water footprint.

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Carbon Calculator
Did you know, even your mobile phone pollutes?
Fill in the blanks, with the values to calculate your carbon footprint

Electricity Monthly Bill in INR
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* approximate values, based on publicly available emission and climate data.