Tata Steel Greenfection Bacchon ki Badi Baat contest

Baccho ki Badi Baat, a contest sponsored by Tata Steel in association with Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, engaged young minds to get their views on "How to save environment" on World Environment Day - 5th June 2010. Participants included school kids studying between the IVth and IXth Standard. Partners, Radio Mirchi had asked young listeners to call on IVRS number and talk about a given topic for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The best entries were converted to audio capsules and played on the channel on World Environment Day. Responses included suggestions like:

  • Eradicate usage of polybags & encourage usage of paper and clothes bags
  • Travel short distances by walking or cycling
  • Plant more & more trees
  • Avoid water wastage
  • Turn off lights & fans when not in use
  • Build skylights at homes to allow natural light
  • Re-use glass bottles
  • Use public transport whenever possible

The names of the 5 winners have been announced on June 4th. Prizes include gift vouchers and certificates from Tata Steel and Radio Mirchi.

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Greenfection :: Adiyta - Bangalore Greenfection :: Alankriti Mallick - Kolkata Greenfection :: Nikhil - Bangalore
Greenfection :: Shreya - Bangalore Greenfection :: Shubham Keswani - Delhi Greenfection :: Sreejita Poddar - Kolkata
Greenfection :: Arbaaz Shaikh - Pune Greenfection :: Aditi shetty - Pune Greenfection :: RuhaShaikh - Pune
Greenfection :: Adesh Oswal - Pune Greenfection :: E. S. Charith - Hyderabad Greenfection :: G V S Sourabh - Hyderabad
Greenfection :: Karan Mehta - Ahmedabad Greenfection :: Anshi - Ahmedabad Greenfection :: M.K. Arvind - Hyderabad
Greenfection :: Pulkit Mehta - Mumbai Greenfection :: R. Samantabhadra - Hyderabad Greenfection :: Khushi Bubna - Kolkata
Greenfection :: Sana Mukadam - Mumbai Greenfection :: Siddhant - Mumbai

Spreading the message of Greenfection

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Greenfection :: Victoria Memorial turns Green Greenfection :: Tree Plantation Greenfection :: Victoria Memorial
Greenfection :: Launch of booklet 'Boosting Ecosystem Productivity' Greenfection :: Sapling plantation  

Greenfection campaign in schools

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Greenfection at Carmel Provincial House Greenfection Students planting saplings Greenfection receives active support from students
Frank Anthonys Gets Greenfected Greenfection - At Frank Anthonys High School Greenfection Initiatives by Frank Anthonys
Student at Frank Anthonys Plants a Sapling Students set for Greenfection  

Greenfection campaign in Bharati Sainaki Vidyalaya

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Bharati Sainaki Vidyalaya Goes Green Sapling Plantation  Program at Bharati Sainaki Vidyalaya Sapling Plantation at Bharati Sainaki Vidyalaya
Greenfection Initiatives at Bharati Sainaki Vidyalaya Bharati Sainaki Vidyalaya Students Plant a Sapling Greenfected Bharati Sainaki Vidyalaya

Tree planting photograhs in Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti School, Guwahati 

The Tree plantation programme went off well on 12th August in Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti School, Guwahati where 25 numbers of trees were planted by students and the Principal.

This was followed by the plantation of 25 number of trees in Maria's Public School, Guwahati on 13 August.At the beginning the school authorities and the students were told that it was a Tata Steel plantation initiative in association with WWF-India.

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Greenfected Gyan Jyoti School Greenfection at Gyan Jyoti School Greenfection Initiatives at Gyan Jyoti School
Sapling Plantation at Gyan Jyoti School Student Planting a Tree Students Planting a Sapling