What is Greenfection?

Greenfection is the consciousness and resolve to impact the environment in a positive way. It is a nationwide initiative from Tata Steel. We aim to spread the message of green from people to people exponentially and organize tree planting and other environment friendly practices.

Who can join Greenfection?

Anyone and everyone who cares about the environment and is willing to take action.

How can I join Greenfection?

By doing any or preferably, all of the following:

  • Join us as a volunteer as we plant trees across the country
  • Plant a tree virtually by spreading the message of Greenfection to people you know
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by adopting best environment practices

Can I Greenfect other people too?

The very idea of Greenfection is spreading the colour of hope. You can Greenfect as many people as you like. Moreover, for every people you Greenfect, we’ll plant a tree in your name.

How do I spread Greenfection?

Talk about it. Nothing spreads faster than word-of-mouth. Help others take eco-friendly initiatives, get people to the tree planting programs. Get them to register in this site and ask them to Greenfect their friends. Send SMSs, mails, write blogs. Greenfect anyone and everyone from this site.