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Article Competition

This year, we are organising an Article competition as part of the World Environment Day celebrations in order to recognise the best efforts made in the field of environmental conservation and promote such initiatives across the organisation. This competition is open for all employees of TSL. We request entries on all such initiatives undertaken at respective sites / division for environmental conservation in the form of a write-up optionally, with photographs (as per following guidelines).

Guidelines of participation
  • Initiatives implemented in FY16 only should be shared
  • Content needs to address the problem, solution, implementation challenges, resources required and benefits derived (actual benefit realised during FY16 & potential annual benefits)
  • Write-up (Body of 800 words max in A4 size paper, Arial Font 10 pt) with one para brief on the initiative as abstract
  • Photographs (5 nos max)
  • Entries to be submitted in both editable MS-Word and PDF formats. PDF version will be used for evaluation while word version may be used for information dissemination purpose.
  • Entries should not contain such material which cannot be shared at least internally within Tata Steel.
  • Entries must be submitted on time and no extension of timeline will be considered.
  • This competition is open only for Tata Steel employees

We seek your contribution towards World Environment Day celebration. Last Date for sending your entry is 22 May 2016 to Mr.Raju Agrawal, Senior Manager, Outlocations Monitoring & Assistance incl. Greenfield.

Upto Five entries will be recognised (top Two articles received and top article addressing conservation of Air, Water & Land).

About WED

World Environment Day (WED) is the biggest, most globally celebrated day for positive environmental action. Tata Steel celebrates WED to create awareness among its workforce and motivate employees to contribute towards protecting environment. All sites of Indian operation of Tata Steel celebrate World Environment day and do various activities on environment protection & awareness in mines, collieries, plants, colonies, schools & communities throughout the year.