Biodiversity is the coexistence of a variety of living organisms including exotic species of plants, animals and aquatic life on earth. It is so complex that despite centuries of continuous discovery, most of our planet's biodiversity is yet unexplored. This is of great concern when we consider that a total of 17,291 species are known to face the threat of extinction due to irresponsible human activities. Already more than 1.5 million species are believed to have become extinct due to several abiotic factors, especially human influences on the environment. With this loss, we are losing prospects for future valuable discoveries in the spheres of food, fiber, fuel, bio-inspired innovation, and much more.

Bio Diversity Conservation

To protect the environment and maintain biodiversity, it is very important to assess what causes loss of biodiversity and then adopt measures that conserve as well as enhance balance in our ecosystem. Some of the main factors that affect biodiversity are –

  • Degradation and destruction of natural habitats: A primary cause for the loss of biodiversity, this is the consequence of clearance of native vegetation for agriculture, housing, timber and industry.
  • Global warming or climate change: The increasing temperature of the Earth’s surface due to the rising pollution levels and greenhouse gases affects biodiversity. A rapid change in climate is also known to have a negative impact on ecosystems.
  • Deforestation or increased felling of trees: Forests – earth’s richest biological areas, are home to a variety of plants, birds, animals and micro-organisms. Deforestation and over-exploitation of jungles is one of the biggest factors that affect biodiversity adversely.
  • Pollution: Pollution is one of the primary factors that affect biodiversity, causing environmental imbalances.

Keeping these factors in mind, it is extremely essential for each one of us to play our parts in protecting the environment through eco-friendly practices. This especially applies to companies and large businesses that have the resources and funds to make a difference through responsible industrialisation and environment conservation initiatives. A Green Economy is one of the few alternatives that has the potential to pave the way for a sustainable future for generations to come.

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