With a century of experience in sourcing raw materials through scientific research & development and sustainable mining, Tata Steel’s three main areas of raw material operations are iron-ore, chromite and coal. The Company understands the finite nature of natural resources and simultaneously the depletion of high-grade ore deposits. The future availability of high-grade iron ore is also of great concern. The forthcoming demand for additional raw materials as an input to growing operations has also greatly increased the need to optimise raw materials consumption. Committed to conserving all raw materials, particularly those that are non-renewable, Tata Steel has adopted several measures to ensure optimum consumption of available resources.

  • Innovative ore beneficiation and extraction techniques have been used to increase mine yield
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology and processes to use lower grades of iron ore and coal, as well as reduce the consumption of iron ore per tonne of hot metal
  • Resource efficient manufacturing and minimising scrap generation
  • Under the Kar Vijay Har Shikhar (KVHS) programme, a target of 7 MTPA raw coal throughput has been undertaken at Tata Steel’s West Bokaro from the existing mines without any major investment, while at Jharia, the focus is on improving clean coal throughput, and hence, minimising overall coal imports.
  • Ensure mining capacity meets production requirements. As part of this strategy, Tata steel has undertaken various raw material growth projects in parts of India, Africa, Canada and Australia.
  • Eco-friendly mining and fast restoration of mined out areas
  • No purchased scrap is used in the steel manufacturing process at Tata Steel. However all steel scrap with iron values produced within the Steel Works is recovered for reutilization during steel making.
  • Reducing, recovering, reusing and recycling of waste. Coal mine wastes (such as Jhama coal, coal fines), iron ore fines and by-products from the Steel Works including Blast Furnace and LD slag from Steel Making all have potential for value added applications. Technological breakthroughs being pursued to recover these values will substantially improve material efficiency and extend the life of the mineral reserve.